Q: When can we expect a quote? 

A: It depends on the product, usually within a couple days, but sometimes 1-2 weeks

Q: How will you deliver?

A: Depending on location, we  can deliver right to you! We do ship with FedEx and UPS daily and we have a couple different Freight Forwarders we use. If you have an account with FedEx or  UPS, we are more than happy to ship on your account.

Q: Why should we choose One Source Solution USA? 

A: We provide fast responses, and we find the best deal to save you money

     We are a very honest company, no gimmicks

     We follow up to make sure we can provide the best service

     We are easy to work with

Q: How do you take payment? 

A: One of the good things about our company, is that we can take payment in multiple forms; cash, check, credit card, and Net 30 if you sign up and get approved

All other Questions, please contact us!